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May 15

Crowdsourcing Week Summit D.C. (June 15) Will Bring Crowd Innovation to Center Stage

By Michael Contreras

We live in very exciting times. Technology is fuelling disruptive business models. Companies can engage with customers on entirely new levels. Crowds are being tapped into for wide-reaching applications from healthcare to aerospace research, and even to solve some of the world’s most critical challenges.

May 09

Highlights from the HRSA Word Gap Challenge Demo Day

By Michael Contreras

In 2015, SensisChallenges launched a government challenge for the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).

May 02

SensisChallenges and Crowdsourcing Week Team Up for North American Summit

By Michael Contreras

The second wave of the crowd economy is here! Crowdsourced innovation, collective intelligence (AI + HI),  and a 10x mindset is needed in order for organizations to become the engine of innovation. Crowdsourcing Week Summit D.C.​ connects you with top experts in crowdsourcing, crowd innovation and blockchain enabled economy.

Apr 28

The Department of Education Launches First-Ever 'Developer Hub'

By Michael Contreras

The Department of Education (ED) is bringing together open-source technology, legislation, and the power of the ‘crowd’ to establish its developer site. This ‘developer hub’ includes several APIs containing clusters of federal government data for developers and programmers to create robust applications that assist the goals of several initiatives at ED.

Apr 19

SensisChallenges Launches 'Enviro Health App Challenge' for the CDC

By Michael Contreras

SensisChallenges just launched its second challenge for the CDC in as many weeks. The ‘Enviro Health App Challenge’  is crowdsourcing innovation from hackers, developers, data scientists, and environmental health professionals to better inform the public of the connections between environmental health and chronic illness.

Apr 10

SensisChallenges Launches 2017 CDC Million Hearts Hypertension Control Challenge

By Michael Contreras

Last week, SensisChallenges launched the CDC’s Million Hearts Hypertension Control Challenge for the third time. As part of this program’s goal to prevent 1 million heart attacks and strokes over the next five years, Million Hearts is sponsoring a challenge to reward excellence in hypertension control.

Apr 04

President Trump to Establish Office of American Innovation: 3 Takeaways

By Michael Contreras

One of President Donald Trump’s most profound campaign promises was his pledge to run the government more like a business through his private sector mentality. Last week, President Trump affirmed this commitment by announcing the creation of a new White House office, the Office of American Innovation.

Mar 27

WeWork is Giving Startups Money Through Prize Challenges

By Michael Contreras

WeWork has been a major player in the gig economy by providing shared workspaces for small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups. Now, the multi-billion company wants to expand its role in the startup scene, not just as a real estate provider, but also an incubator.

Mar 21

2 Ways to Enrich Society through Communications

By Michael Contreras

The University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications recently hosted its frank conference, an annual event celebrating communications’ ability to drive positive social change.

Mar 13

4 Reasons Youth Innovation Challenges Should Be Part of Your Sustainability Rebrand

By Michael Contreras

Last month, SensisChallenges Co-Founder Michael Contreras and Strategist Oliver Gerland published an article for Sustainable Brands, an organization that promotes business innovation through events and thought leadership for Fortune 500 companies.