President Trump Signs Executive Order Establishing American Technology Council


President Trump Signs Executive Order Establishing American Technology Council

By Michael Contreras

Earlier this month, President Trump signed an executive order creating the American Technology Council (ATC) to bring in fresh perspectives and new technologies into the Federal Government’s operations. In particular, this executive order aims to modernize the White House, with a heavy focus on improving its use of digital technology. As written in the executive order, “Americans deserve better digital services from their government.”

President Trump is expected to kickoff this council with a meeting with top technology executives in early June to discuss how the White House can better and more effectively adopt and utilize modern technologies. The exact makeup of the council is unknown, although it is expected to comprise a blend of cabinet members, senior aides, and prominent technology executives. Trump has selected Chris Liddell to lead this council, who previously served as a Microsoft executive and will help the President “transform and modernize” the federal government’s use of IT.

Although the council’s objectives have not been clearly laid out, the council’s creation is a recognition that modern technologies can improve how the White House operates and serves Americans. This announcement follows a string of similar presidential actions, including President Obama’s establishment of a permanent White House CTO and signing of the American Innovation and Competitiveness Act, and most recently, President Trump’s creation of the Office of American Innovation. To read the executive order, check out the press release.