Three Federal agencies whose mission is to enhance and protect human health, and prolong lives.
Technology Challenge

Web Design



  • Had to coordinate with different government organizations (EPA, NCATS, NTP) throughout Challenge development.  
  • Required to engage very specific audience: innovative thinkers who can develop assays to assess toxic chemical effects on humans.
  • Needed to make highly technical language accessible to maximize public participation. 



  • Needed to refine evaluation criteria as the Challenge progressed.
  • Required to work with low budget for early-stage research and development.
  • Had to ensure amount of prizes increased as proposed-technology risks decreased.
  • Had to attract solutions from adjacent-technology disciplines.  


  • Designed and conducted a three-stage challenge. 
  • Developed a Challenge website with compelling creative assets for compelling visual and technical communication.
  • Used marketing and earned media strategies, ensuring national promotion to reach target audience. 
  • Increased awareness of the Challenge among toxicologists and adjacent related innovators.
  • Developed creative outreach materials, such as social media posts and infographics.
  • Rigorously tracked and reported Key Performance Indicators for quality submissions.